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Custom Jewellery Design

Custom design is our forte. 
Sure, we sell ready-to-wear jewellery, including engagement rings that are in the "I need to propose right now" category, however our real craftsmanship is when we bring your dream ring to life.

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How does custom design work?

Step 1

Gather your inspo. If you already know what you want to design, bring in images of it. If you don't know what you want, that's not a problem. Our award-winning design team will talk you through the basics of jewellery design.

Step 2

This is where the fun starts. Your design will go through several iterations, from a hand sketch to a CAD drawing. Any time you change an element of your design, we will send you an updated CAD drawing for review and approval.

Step 3

If your design utilises stones that we source for you, you can view the stones and make sure they are the right ones for your design.

Step 4

In about 6-8 weeks, we pop the champagne and you pop the question.