At Matthews Jewellers, we are with you every step of the way when choosing your perfect engagement ring! A little while ago we had the pleasure of assisting the amazing former Australian netballer Sam Poolman choose hers. Watch below to see the first step of choosing 'the one' with Sam - which means getting some rings on your finger!
When you come to Matthew's Jewellers in search for the perfect engagement ring, we will step you through everything you need to know!
After looking at styles, the next step is to look at what metal you would like. As per the video below with the wonderful Sam Poolman - we offer our rings in a variety of metals including yellow gold, platinum, rose gold and white gold of which we provide free rhodium plating for!


Here at Matthews Jewellers, you can be assured that you are in the perfect hands to find you the perfect engagement ring for you. When we had the pleasure of assistaing the wonderful @Sarah Poolman with her own, we took her through every step of the way. You will see in the video below the next step after trying styles and choosing a metal is picking the diamond! Always look for the 3 C's Cut, Colour and Clarity


Did you know we are one of the limited suppliers of Hearts On Fire Diamonds in Australia (and the only in the Hunter region!) As one of our lovely staff members describes below to Ben @bk0120 @Sam Poolman's partner for her engagement ring, that Hearts On Fire Diamonds are cut to perfection for the maximum sparkle! Make sure to come into any of our stores if you want to view our Hearts On Fire diamonds under the microscope yourself!


Have something in particular in mind? Why not talk to us about how we can custom design the engagement ring of your dreams. Watch to see how we make this happen for you! For more information HEAD HERE