1. A lay-by is an agreement between the customer and Matthews Jewellers to purchase an item of jewellery.
  2.  An initial deposit of at least 25% of the sale price is required on all lay-by’s.
  3. Payments must be made on a fortnightly basis over a maximum of three months.
  4. Any breach of this agreement (e.g. a missed payment) or the cancellation of this agreement by the customer may incur a lay-by cancellation and restocking fee to cover our reasonable costs.
  5. The lay-by cancellation and restocking fee is equal to 25% of the sale price or $30, whichever is greater.
  6. You must present this receipt or proof of identification at the time of collecting lay-by items.
  7. When you enter this lay-by agreement you agree to pay the price of the item at the time you signed the contract. If the item’s price is increased or decreased, or if the item is put on sale, you are still required to pay the original price you accepted in this agreement.