Definitions: There are two types of vouchers at Matthews Jewellers

  • Promotional Vouchers include the following:
    • Matthews Money
    • $50 Birthday Vouchers
    • $50 Anniversary Voucher
    • $50 Google review voucher
    • Promotional vouchers provided or donated to local charities from time to time.
  • Gift Certificates: Gift Certificates are separate and not affected by this guide.


     Redeeming a promotional voucher:

    1. Promotional vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
      1. Only 1x voucher type can be used in each transaction. EG cannot use MJ Money and a birthday voucher in one purchase.
      2. Vouchers cannot be used on a discounted items
    2. Promotional vouchers are not transferrable to another customer, cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent like a gift certificate.
    3. Vouchers can only be used to purchase full priced items only, no minimum purchase applies.
    4. Vouchers cannot be used to pay for the transaction in which the voucher is being offered. EG a birthday voucher cannot be applied when they sign up.
      The customer can use the voucher on the next genuine purchase.
    5. For special orders and laybys customers must pay their out of pocket expense first.
      See example:
      1. Customer special orders a wedding band for $1,000.
      2. Required deposit is $500.
      3. IF the customer has $400 in Matthews Money, they would pay the $500 deposit using their cash/credit card.
      4. At pick up the customer would use their $400 and pay a further $100 using their cash/card.


    Matthews Money:

    We are expanding the eligibility for Matthews Money which will provide more customers with Matthews Money during transactions.

    We will now provide 10% back in Matthews Money on the customers out of pocket payment for all transactions.


    For example:

    Customer Purchases:

    Matthews Money included:


    Full price item

    10% back in Matthews Money


    Customer pays $1,000

    MJ Money $100

    Discounted item

    10% back in Matthews Money on the amount the customer pays

    $1,000 less 20% = $800

    Customer pays $800

    $80 MJ Money

    Purchases an item using Matthews Money:

    10% back in Matthews Money on the amount the customer pays


    Uses $300 MJ Money

    Customer pays $700

    MJ Money $70

    Repair payment

    Provide 10% back in Matthews Money on the amount the customer pays

    Repair $100

    Customer pays $100

    MJ Money $10


    Also note following criteria:

    1. Minimum value of Matthews Money is $5 for a $50 purchase. Round up to the nearest $5. For example a $75 purchase will receive $10 back in Matthews Money.
    2. A cap of $3,000 Matthews Money to be provided in a single transaction