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Your first and most important step.

We have an exceptional range of classic and bold styles that are made to order. So for those of you who already know exactly what you want, all you need to do is add to cart and let us know your ring size in the notes section at checkout.

To protect your investment, the Matthews Lifetime Care Commitment is offered on all jewellery including diamond and non-diamond purchases of more than $1,499. 

Furthermore, as a reward for choosing to shop with us, we offer a 20% discount on both wedding rings, ensuring that special decision comes with extra peace of mind. We also offer 10% of your purchase back in Matthews Money. Find out more here.

Limited Time Offer - $1,000 off every carat

This is your sign to get a bigger diamond.

How does it work? Choose any lab created diamond option and receive $1000 off the regular price.

For example, take $4,000 off a 4.00ct lab created diamond; take $2,500 off a 2.50ct lab created diamond; take $500 off a 0.50ct lab created diamond.

Discount is automatically applied at checkout. Click here for full pricing details.

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