Custom Design Series: Hannah Falconer

April 18, 2019

Custom Design Series: Hannah Falconer

We are pleased to unveil such a beautiful creation forged by a visionary client with the help of our talented Matthews Jewellers team. Our custom design process utilises the latest technology to change your ideal design from concept to reality. This particular Custom Design jewellery journey begins with Hannah Falconer and her quest for the birthday accessory.

The Montana Ring:

Custom Design: 18k Rose Gold with a pear cut Amethyst centre stone, pink tourmalines, and tapered baguette diamonds

Endearingly dubbed The Montana, this stunning dress ring is set in 18k Rose Gold with a 9x6mm pear cut Amethyst centre stone. It is surrounded by pink tourmalines and further enveloped by round and tapered baguette cut diamonds. It is a sumptuous, luxurious statement piece. It is a style that Hannah has adored for quite a while, so with her birthday approaching she teamed up with the Matthews Jewellers team at Charlestown Square to take the ring from Pinterest-searching to real-life show stopper.

“I have always loved this style of ring, and it was pretty simple. I wanted it, so I got it!”

Why did you choose Matthews Jewellers?

I wanted to go with someone local. I used to work near the store and the team at Charlestown have always been so lovely to deal with. I did look at some options from jewellers overseas but with such a big purchase I didn’t want to risk buying something from someone I didn’t trust. I also don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t right.

How was your experience?

It was super easy. I showed some pics of different styles to Keira and discussed my ideas and she got straight onto it. She was able to get in some options for each of the different stones to show me what it would look like. She also organised a hand drawing of the ring so I could visualise what it was going to be like. Keira kept me updated each step of the way, sending me SMS’s when she had diamonds for me to look at or the final drawings. She was able to show me the physical size and how it would look when I was wearing it. She was really experienced and made suggestions on what would work and what wouldn’t, but I always felt like I had the final say.

Custom Design hand sketch

Custom design: gemstone options

 Custom Design: Hannah Falconer ring front and back view

What were your first impressions?

It was awesome! Exactly what I wanted. I haven’t stopped wearing it and have had heaps of comments. I think my mum is going to get one made now!

Would you recommend Matthews Jewellers?

Definitely, they were so lovely and really easy to deal with. They were really focused on getting me exactly what I wanted and knew what would work and what wouldn’t.

Do you have a vision of a piece of jewellery and would like to see that piece come to life? Come in to any of the Matthews Jewellers stores and speak with one of our helpful team members. This is one of our more exciting services and we are here to guide you in creating that dream piece!

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