Our Natural Diamond range represents our vast collection of mined diamonds. Our certified collection balances diamond size with the highest cut, colour and clarity grading. Diamonds in this range are brighter, have more sparkle and better performance than similar sized diamonds in the signature collection.

Our Lab Created Diamond range offers clients a bigger, brighter and more brilliant diamond at a lower investment. A lab created diamond is grown from a sliver of diamond in lab-conditions that mimic the geological processes that create natural diamonds. The result is a lab created diamond that has essentially the same chemical, optical, and physical properties of a diamond found in nature. They are just as hard, are graded with the same range of colours and qualities as mined diamonds and shine and sparkle in the same way. Just like natural diamonds, lab created diamonds can be cut to the highest of standards and, therefore, can possess excellent fire, brightness and scintillation. As with our natural diamond range, we meticulously choose each lab created diamond to ensure excellent quality and characteristics for all tastes and budgets.

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